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SCA Kingdom Device Artwork

Posted on March 26th, 2010 by Michael

SCA Kingdom Device Artwork

Artwork of the SCA Kingdom Devices in vector formats for printing & web.

Back in July of 2004 a friend of mine, one of the loveliest ladies in the SCA Lady Duva of Trimaris, was in need of help with the Pennsic Gift Baskets from the Kingdom of Trimaris to the other Kingdoms many good gentles made great efforts to create gifts for the other Kingdom Crowns and they wanted to place these gifts in a canvas bag with the kingdom device on each bag. Graphics being my profession I knew I could create what they needed fairly quickly and happened to have a bunch of ink jet iron on sheets from another project. All were created with Adobe Illustrator 10 and InkScape for some of the tracing.

I have made available for download an original Adobe Illustrator Native (.ai) file an Encapsulated Postscript (.eps) file with a windows preview and a Scalable Vector Graphic (.svg) file, an open format with several free open source applications available. I searched for references and drew the vectors mostly by hand occasionally I used inkscape to assist with tracing but I rarely like what tracing does and invariably modify it but it does help when you have a deadline. The actual art I used for my reference I could not say who did it but I did locate one kingdom device already vectorized. For the east kingdom vector artwork I had previously posted a link to the graphics on their web site but they have changed the site and it is no longer available while i have the art i will not post it here without the artists permission. At some later date in keeping with my Icon Project elsewhere on this site i will create icons for all of these. You will find some of the Kingdom Icons completed.


Michel de Laraque mka Michael

License for all users:
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

If you use this art in a published format, web or print etc., please leave a comment.

Aethelmearc Arms AI  (181.0 KiB) - [Hits: 1445]

Aethelmearc Arms EPS  (803.4 KiB) - [Hits: 881]

Aethelmearc Arms SVG  (196.5 KiB) - [Hits: 1106]

Ansteoria Arms AI  (183.4 KiB) - [Hits: 1359]

Ansteoria Arms EPS  (803.9 KiB) - [Hits: 779]

Ansteoria Arms SVG  (205.5 KiB) - [Hits: 1053]

AnTir Arms AI  (392.4 KiB) - [Hits: 1295]

AnTir Arms EPS  (1.1 MiB) - [Hits: 737]

AnTir Arms SVG  (501.9 KiB) - [Hits: 1194]

Artemesia Arms AI  (189.2 KiB) - [Hits: 1247]

Artemesia Arms EPS  (842.0 KiB) - [Hits: 731]

Artemesia Arms SVG  (216.1 KiB) - [Hits: 1001]

Atenveldt Arms AI  (433.0 KiB) - [Hits: 1274]

Atenveldt Arms EPS  (1.2 MiB) - [Hits: 712]

Atenveldt Arms SVG  (553.8 KiB) - [Hits: 1177]

Atlantia Arms AI  (197.0 KiB) - [Hits: 1317]

Atlantia Arms EPS  (822.5 KiB) - [Hits: 746]

Atlantia Arms SVG  (203.3 KiB) - [Hits: 1013]

Caid Arms AI  (194.0 KiB) - [Hits: 1311]

Caid Arms EPS  (855.0 KiB) - [Hits: 755]

Caid Arms SVG  (206.1 KiB) - [Hits: 1022]

Calontir Arms AI  (194.8 KiB) - [Hits: 1270]

Calontir Arms EPS  (810.1 KiB) - [Hits: 776]

Calontir Arms svg  (202.8 KiB) - [Hits: 1001]

Drachenwald Arms AI  (379.4 KiB) - [Hits: 1331]

Drachenwald Arms EPS  (1.1 MiB) - [Hits: 763]

Drachenwald Arms SVG  (477.8 KiB) - [Hits: 1020]

Ealdormere Arms AI  (178.7 KiB) - [Hits: 1239]

Ealdormere Arms EPS  (792.7 KiB) - [Hits: 788]

Ealdormere Arms SVG  (190.1 KiB) - [Hits: 1311]

Gleann Abhann AI  (296.9 KiB) - [Hits: 1302]

Gleann Abhann EPS  (1.0 MiB) - [Hits: 792]

Gleann Abhann SVG  (360.8 KiB) - [Hits: 1005]

Lochac Arms AI  (171.8 KiB) - [Hits: 1323]

Lochac Arms EPS  (794.8 KiB) - [Hits: 778]

Lochac Arms SVG  (189.6 KiB) - [Hits: 1013]

Meridies Arms AI  (175.9 KiB) - [Hits: 1252]

Meridies Arms EPS  (830.9 KiB) - [Hits: 709]

Meridies Arms SVG  (189.0 KiB) - [Hits: 1025]

Midrealm Arms AI  (242.1 KiB) - [Hits: 1239]

Midrealm Arms EPS  (881.8 KiB) - [Hits: 725]

Midrealm Arms SVG  (229.9 KiB) - [Hits: 1017]

Northshield Arms AI  (179.2 KiB) - [Hits: 1283]

Northshield Arms EPS  (806.6 KiB) - [Hits: 711]

Northshield Arms SVG  (196.8 KiB) - [Hits: 963]

Outlands Arms AI  (294.3 KiB) - [Hits: 1244]

Outlands Arms EPS  (1.0 MiB) - [Hits: 731]

Outlands Arms SVG  (360.1 KiB) - [Hits: 974]

Trimaris Arms EPS  (305.3 KiB) - [Hits: 715]

Trimaris Arms SVG  (204.9 KiB) - [Hits: 1016]

TrimarisArms  (198.7 KiB) - [Hits: 1158]

West Arms AI  (172.1 KiB) - [Hits: 1311]

West Arms EPS  (962.6 KiB) - [Hits: 758]

West Arms SVG  (186.4 KiB) - [Hits: 952]

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License

Wine Bottle for SketchUp

Posted on February 27th, 2010 by Michael

My wine bottles for SketchUp. I have been working on display design a lot, using Google SketchUp, and I found the wine bottles in the Google 3d Warehouse not meeting my needs so I made this one. I wrap my client's bottle image around it and place as a component. It works form me and I wanted to share with the SketchUp community.

Gooogle 3D Warehouse Link

Google SketchUp Cabernet Wine Bottle

Google SketchUp Cabernet Wine Bottle

Shaston PS Font

Posted on February 24th, 2010 by Michael
Preview of ShastonPS font

Preview of ShastonPS font

I created this printer version of the bitmap font Shaston from Matt Chisholm which is based on the Apple IIgs font of the same name. In one of the news groups

I periodically read the Usenet group and an Alex Lee had a query about a particular font based on an Apple IIgs font. When I have an opportunity I try to give help in the groups so i looked for the font in question and found only a bitmap version so I fired up an old font program and decided to make the Font. This was a fierce attempt to procrastinate about some other project I was working on but at least it was constructive.

This was hand drawn using Matt’s bitmap font as the basis all the characters in the bitmap are present in this printer version. If there are any problem characters or suggestions feel free to contact me.

GPLv3 LogoThis font is licensed under the GNU GPL

I created this with my older version of Fontographer and used FontForge to open and export the font to the OpenType version.

I make no guarantees as to it’s stability and effect on your computer. Use at your own risk.

Below you will find the Mac TrueType version, the Windows TrueType version and the cross platform OpenType version. The Mac version is archived in a disk image to retain the resource fork.

ShastonPS Font Mac (81.5 KiB)

ShastonPS Font OTF (33.3 KiB)

ShastonPS Font Win (47.7 KiB)


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